When is it time to stop working on your marriage and get a divorce?

When is it time to stop working on your marriage and get a divorce?

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No one ever wants to throw in the towel on their marriage, whether it’s in Texas or elsewhere. However, there are times when a marital relationship has soured to the point that it just cannot be repaired. Divorcing is a huge and binding step to take, legally, financially and emotionally.  

It will impact you and your children, if you have them, for the rest of your lives. Of course, people do get back on their feet and move forward, but a door closes permanently when you get a divorce and there is no going back.  

There are so many tough questions to ask yourself when a marriage begins to crumble. All of them can be hard to answer. How do you know when a divorce is better for you than staying married? Is it just that the two of you argue all the time? Do you have fundamental disagreements over major issues like child-rearing and household finances? Are there intimacy problems? Can you trust your spouse? Has there been infidelity by your or your partner? 

Experts point out that when bickering and fault-finding occur regularly between married people, trust and closeness can diminish greatly. They also note other troubling indications that your marriage is headed for divorce.  

Signs that your marriage may be over and it’s time to divorce 

  • Your spouse picks on you for every little thing. 
  • You are no longer comfortable revealing your innermost thoughts and feelings to your partner. 
  • You put your kids first and the two of you second all the time. 
  • You dread getting together with your spouse’s pals or family members. 
  • Even when you are with your partner, you experience loneliness. 
  • You don’t relate to each other sexually anymore. 
  • You fight frequently and nothing is resolved.

Divorce is usually the result of tension and unhappiness on the part of one or both or you. Sometimes, there are constructive solutions. Other times, parting ways for good is best.