3 tips for dads who want custody

3 tips for dads who want custody

| Oct 2, 2021 | Family Law |

As a father, you should know that you do have the right to see your children and should be able to spend time in their lives. If you and your spouse are divorcing, you can ask that you have visitation or custody time. You may want to have custody more often, or you might want to work out a 50-50 time split.

Did you know that only 17.5% of custodial parents are fathers, according to the U.S. Census? If you’d like to have custody, here are three tips that can help. 

Assume a positive role in your children’s lives

The first step is to show that you are a positive influence on your children. If you are coaching their soccer team or have regularly gone to parent-teacher conferences, use those facts as evidence in court that you want to be in your children’s lives and play a positive role. 

Be respectful

Judges appreciate when parents are kind and respectful to one another. Just because your marriage has ended doesn’t mean that you should be rude or speak negatively about the other parent. Be respectful and show that you’re willing to work out a resolution for your custody situation.

Be prepared for court

If you do need to go to court over child custody, be prepared. Come with the documents you need, and come dressed appropriately. Don’t interrupt the judge, and be respectful in the courtroom. These things will all help you improve your chances of getting the custody time you want.

There are a variety of strategies that dads who are looking to obtain custody time can employ. You’ll want to carefully consider each of them to determine which one is right for you and your situation.