3 tips for preventing a DWI charge in Texas

3 tips for preventing a DWI charge in Texas

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Driving plays a pivotal role in the daily lives of many people across Texas. Frequently, road privileges are the only means a person has to get to work or visit their loved ones. As a result, being convicted of a DWI offense can have lasting consequences. Not to mention that driving while under the influence could place both you and others at risk of physical harm.

Fortunately, there are ways to negate the risk of being charged with a DWI offense. Outlined below are three tips for preventing a DWI charge in Texas.

Spend the night where possible  

When your night out has come to a conclusion, there may be safe spaces for you to stay over, rather than attempting to drive home. For example, a close friend might live nearby or they could even have been on the night out with you. It is highly likely that a friend would much rather have you stay over than attempt to drive home after drinking.

Designate a driver

When out with a group of friends, it can be beneficial to have a designated driver. Ensure that the selected person is willing not to drink at all, as well as drive everyone home at the end of the evening. Often, venues choose to promote this initiative by offering free non-alcoholic drinks to those who are driving. To make sure it stays fair, you and your friends might wish to rotate who drives on each occasion.

Don’t take your car with you  

If you don’t take the car with you to the venue in which you are drinking, then driving home simply isn’t an option. Furthermore, if you are holding a gathering at your home, it may be possible to hand over your keys to a trustworthy person for safekeeping.

Avoiding DWI charges is in your best interests. However, if you have been charged with a criminal offense in Texas, you should know that you have legal rights.