How should you bring up divorcing your spouse?

How should you bring up divorcing your spouse?

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If you have decided that the right option for you is to divorce your spouse, you will need to talk to them about it. Planning for this discussion may help you control the way your divorce moves forward in the future, at least somewhat.

When you’re going to divorce your spouse you should realize that they may be hurt by your decision, so planning in advance a way to bring up the divorce when both parties have an opportunity to think about your request in a calm scenario is best. Remember, you should not bring up a divorce if you don’t intend to go through with it, because just talking about one tends to cause a serious rift in a relationship.

The importance of being kind during a discussion about divorce

The way you talk to your spouse about divorce may set the tone for the divorce. If you are kind and respectful to them in the moment, they may be less likely to become angry, though they may be upset. Try not to be critical or intentionally upsetting, but do be honest.

Focus on the right time to talk

The moment when you decide to end your marriage should be carefully considered. You may not want to announce you want a divorce over a nice dinner that your spouse planned, for example, but you could decide to ask them to sit down with you on a day off to talk about something important. 

The way you approach divorce does make a difference. Be respectful and make time for this discussion when both of you are in the right frame of mind.