What will happen if you fail to pay child support in Texas?

What will happen if you fail to pay child support in Texas?

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The first thing to understand is that your child support obligations arose from a court order. In other words, you may not skip a payment, refuse to pay or fall behind on your payments. The second thing to understand is that your child needs your financial support almost as much as they need your love and attention.

In terms of the law, children deserve financial support from both parents. The custodial parent naturally fulfills their share of such support because the child resides with them. Noncustodial parents do so by staying current on their support obligations. If they do not, they may face harsh enforcement techniques.

How is child support enforced in Texas?

In Texas, the Office of the Attorney General is responsible for enforcing Texas child support. If you fail to meet your support obligations, you could face one or more enforcement methods, as discussed below.

  • The interception of any lottery funds you may have won
  • The suspension of your driving license
  • The suspension of other licenses (professional, hunting, etc.)
  • The denial of a new passport or a renewal
  • The placement of a lien against your assets (real estate, insurance settlements, bank accounts, etc.)
  • The reporting of your child support debt to credit bureaus
  • The possibility of criminal or civil contempt filings

The thing is, you have options if you are struggling to pay for child support. Instead of avoiding the issue or hoping a solution will magically present itself, take a proactive approach to your circumstances by seeking help.

You may qualify to have your child support order modified until you reach a level of financial security that allows you to pay your normal amount. Increasing your knowledge of Texas family law can also help you find a remedy.