Child Custody

Protect Your Child’s Best Interests With An Optimal Child Custody Arrangement

The family law concepts known in other states as “child custody and visitation” (or “parenting time”) are legally termed “child possession and management” in Texas. Regardless of the terminology, the practicalities that affect every family when parents are separated or divorced boil down to these questions:

  • Where will the child(ren) live most of the time?
  • How will co-parenting work in practical terms?
  • How will the child(ren) retain a close relationship with both parents who do not live together?
  • Who will be responsible for – and authorized to – make decisions about a child’s education, health care, travel and other key areas of life?

At Scott, Burney & Associates, our lawyers take seriously our role as legal counselors and advocates on behalf of our clients, who are parents navigating a separation or divorce. We educate and empathize with clients for whom court orders will soon clarify their children’s possession (physical custody) and management (parenting time and legal custody). We help parents negotiate custody and child support in settlement conferences and mediation sessions. When family law disputes prove difficult to resolve, we represent parents in litigation and at trial before judges and juries, if necessary.

Promoting Family Ties And Parental Rights

We understand that you are naturally concerned about your children’s welfare when your family life is in a state of transition. We have many resources and successful tactics to guide you through the process. We are ready to help you resolve critical questions with your children’s best interests in mind. Our attorneys are sensitive to critical matters that will have an impact on your family life. For example, your work schedule may vary. Grandparents’ locations and children’s extracurricular activities and/or special needs may be important factors.

The other parent may or may not cooperate as you do your best to arrive at a workable co-parenting agreement. We are eager to apply our experience and skills to help you reach your goals with as little disruption to your parent-child dynamics as possible.

Get Insightful Legal Counsel When Your Children’s Well-Being Is On The Line

In most cases, no one knows better than parents themselves what kind of custody and visitation arrangement will work best for the family. When child custody and visitation orders are under discussion, contact our family law firm in Aledo, primarily serving Parker County and the surrounding area. Reach us by phone at 817-768-3917 or complete our simple online inquiry form to schedule a consultation.