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No one knows better than you do what matters most to you as you approach a divorce. Divorce can be highly emotional. It helps to keep your priorities clearly in focus as you move through the necessary legal procedures of dissolving your marriage. An efficient, compassionate divorce lawyer on your side can help you avoid common pitfalls as you pursue a property division settlement and custody arrangements that are right for your situation.

At Scott, Burney & Associates, we work hard to educate our clients while helping them move their divorces forward sensibly and expeditiously. Our attorneys are responsive, flexible and devoted to our clients’ well-being. From our law offices in Aledo, we serve Parker County and the surrounding area.

About Your Texas Divorce

If you have heard that Texas is a community property state, keep in mind that this does not mean that property division will necessarily be 50-50. Rather, family law judges in Texas look for “fair and equitable” allocation of assets. An experienced attorney from our firm can help you make a strong case in negotiations, mediation or litigation for an outcome that takes into account all your unique financial and family circumstances.

If your divorce is one of the few cases where spousal support (also called alimony) is appropriate, we will help you present compelling arguments in support of payments that are fair to you.

Move Forward To Resolution

There is no need to put off getting the information and guidance that you need to make the right decisions as you approach divorce. If your marriage is in trouble but you’re not ready to file for divorce yet, ask us about practical divorce planning. When the time is right, we can help you file a petition, respond to a petition or work with your spouse on a jointly crafted agreement.

Our attorneys are here to listen to your concerns, explain family law and guide you efficiently through the necessary steps toward a finalized divorce that you can live with. To schedule a consultation, call 817-768-3917 or complete our easy online intake form.