Property Division

Protect Your Property Rights In Your Texas Divorce

Every divorce has property division as its most fundamental aspect. Determining what is marital property and who will own what after the divorce can be straightforward or complex, depending on factors such as:

  • Whether the divorcing parties agree on how assets should be reallocated
  • Whether assets are easy to detect or more difficult to nail down (such as when there are offshore accounts, deferred executive compensation or investment accounts with complicated structures)
  • What each party brought into the marriage as separate property and what was acquired or enhanced as marital property during the marriage

Other issues that may make property division extra challenging include business ownership, retirement accounts and the impact of child possession and managing (custody and co-parenting) responsibilities. A skilled, perceptive and experienced family law attorney can help you keep your case moving forward despite these and other considerations.

At Scott, Burney & Associates, we urge our clients not to get bogged down in details when negotiating property division in a Texas divorce. Too many people have wasted large amounts of family resources by arguing over assets and racking up legal fees unnecessarily. We help our clients avoid this trap.

Don’t Forget

As you inventory and disclose property in the course of your Texas divorce, we are here to help you remember key issues, such as life insurance, and handle them appropriately. We can help you revisit your estate plan as you reconfigure your assets in a divorce. If you need business valuation or a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO), we can keep these and other details under control to expedite your case and help you save on legal fees.

Many of our clients start out believing that they and their spouses will agree on all terms of their coming divorces, including property division. Sometimes a divorce can be settled through simple negotiations. In other cases, disputes get sticky, and mediation or litigation becomes necessary. We believe in helping our clients move quickly and decisively through the necessary processes.

Get Straight Answers And Representation That Respects Your Priorities

Our lawyers are equipped to educate you and advocate on your behalf simultaneously. We want to ensure that you understand the laws, the legal processes and the perspectives of the family law court that will sign off on your final divorce decree.

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